Sales Foundations

Product Leaders
We at SkillBuilder understand that as a product leader, you are going to want to make sure the product information is absolutely accurate. When you have to choose between the information being compelling or accurate, and if you are the kind of product leader who is much more concerned with accuracy of the product information, then you are in the right place!
Sales Leaders
We understand that as a sales leader, you want to be both a chief storyteller and also be metrics driven while selling your product. We know that you feel accountable to the people under you doing the job of the outreach and the expectation of being on top of their game. So as a sales leader, SkillBuilder addresses your concerns by making sure that the answers and information you provide is up to date and accurate.
Founders & CEOs
We at SkillBuilder understand the issues you face as a new founder who have to deal with criticism, lack of belief and attention to the product, and self-doubts about the product not being perfect yet. The founder’s journey of struggling to bring something to market naturally comes with you facing a ton of questions!
Daniela and her team at Kloopify are pioneering the integration of sustainability into the procurement process, a crucial initiative in today's increasingly eco-conscious business landscape. As one of the earliest and most enthusiastic adopters of, Kloopify has harnessed the platform's capabilities to streamline its operations, enhance team collaboration, and deliver impactful solutions that drive corporate sustainability.
Founded by data scientists Daniel Brady and Zack Gow, along with seasoned DTC veteran, Aaron Schwartz, is been revolutionizing the email marketing landscape. The platform optimizes email lists by deleting spam accounts, removing duplicate IDs, suppressing unengaged contacts, and reactivating potential customers. To catalyze their growth and operations, the team at recognized the need for further optimization in their internal processes and turned to
The Forbes Funds
The partnership between Fred Brown's team at The Forbes Funds and showcases a forward-thinking approach to leveraging AI technology to enhance organizational effectiveness and capacity building within the nonprofit sector. Their early adoption and active involvement in training demonstrate a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.
Blastpoint provides customer intelligence and analytics solutions to sectors such as energy, finance, and automotive. The company has experienced rapid growth and has adopted an AI tool named to enhance team collaboration, simplify messaging for non-technical customers, and develop sales collateral for industry events.‍BlastPoint's platform offers sophisticated ML and geospatial analytics, which, while powerful, were challenging to communicate to non-technical audiences. As the company grew, maintaining effective team collaboration and producing impactful sales collateral for frequent industry events became increasingly important.
Piper Creative
Cofounded by Aaron Watson and Hannah Phillips, Piper Creative is a cutting-edge video marketing agency that stands out for its innovative approach and practical service offerings. Specializing in video editing, production, and marketing strategy, they have a proven track record of producing thousands of podcast episodes, ads, and YouTube videos, garnering tangible insights and the best practices in digital marketing. 
Noire Distillery
Understanding that a cohesive narrative is essential in brand building, Kenyan employs to ensure that his team is not merely workers but custodians of the distillery's story. With, every team member becomes a storyteller, adept at sharing the rich tapestry of Noir's heritage, the meticulous journey of their handcrafted spirits, and the unique recipes that set them apart. This strategic alignment ensures that each narrative thread is woven consistently into the fabric of their brand, resonating with consumers and elevating the brand experience.
How To Train For The Stakeholder Gauntlet
It could be argued that the holy grail of product-market fit is having an employee who can pitch any prospective customer, and be entirely unfazed by the myriad job titles in attendance. COO, VP of Product, Head of PR, Sales Engineer, Data Science Lead… the more the merrier, and the more likely to move a deal forward. But at best, a typical company might have one all-star on the client side who can navigate this gauntlet of stakeholders in real-time.
The Known-Unknowns Of Competitive Differentiation
Spend enough time around product teams or Big 4 consulting firms, and you’ll inevitably find yourself using the Known-Unknowns Matrix in some capacity — especially when it comes to assessing your competitive differentiation in the market. I’ll spare you the full matrix walkthrough, and instead highlight its most actionable and operational quadrant: Known-Unknowns.‍
Why Is There No Department Of Differentiation?
If your org isn’t relentlessly differentiating itself from competitors and inaction, it’s running on borrowed time. Many legacy companies have found themselves in such a position, being disrupted by startups who are laser-focused on “why us, why now” — small, nimble teams who live and breathe differentiation. I’ll tell you where larger orgs go wrong in reacting to this challenge, and how to avoid being put on the defensive in the first place.‍
The ‘Challenger in Residence’ Is Your Org’s Missing Puzzle Piece - Meet CiR
Your Sales team? Your prospects? I’m going to tell you why the real answer is “nobody”, and how a new organizational perspective can change that answer to instill a sense of urgency within your customers.
Why FAQs Are The Greatest Test Of Your Company's Culture
If you want to know how unscalable culture festers in a company, look no further than their FAQs. Not the commoditized and sterilized list adorning the marketing website, but the list that swirls around the watercooler among employees who don’t see any differentiation in the business. I’m going to explain why those two lists don’t often line up, why it needs to change today, and how you can kickstart that change to build a resilient culture that breeds scale.

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